Wiki, Training & Webinars

OpenIP Partners enjoy unlimited access to information and training.


In June 2012, OpenIP created its Training Centre, which offers technical and sales training on IT & Telecoms convergence technologies: IP Telephone, Voice over IP, Unified Communications and Cloud telephony technologies (UCaaS).


Various training modules are included depending on the profile: sales manager, sales representative, technician or expert.

These modules help OpenIP partners to:

  • Develop their expertise in OpenIP tools and products
  • Master sales pitches adapted to SMEs and Communities
  • Take advantage of good practices regarding the management of portability or VoiP and UC projects, etc.



OpenIP has created a Wiki website for its partners.


A true knowledge base, the OpenIP Wiki summarises all information useful to its partners:

  • Various technical and sales-related documentation
  • OpenIP's technical procedures
  • OpenIP certifications
  • All you need to know about Voice
  • All you need to know about Data
  • All you need to know about HMI OpIOS
  • All you need to know about the MyCloud3CX program
  • All you need to know about the MetaCentrex Unified Communications offer


As part of this Wiki, OpenIP also makes cost estimators available to its partners, with all the prices for its various offers and services, also used as purchase orders.


Face-to-face training courses


OpenIP regularly organises face-to-face training courses, mainly at its registered office in Clichy, but also across France. These training courses take place over one or two days and are conducted by OpenIP Product Experts. They include a theory component and several practical workshops.

In the case of paid training sessions, they may be partially or fully funded by your Authorised Joint Collection Body (OPCA).


Moreover, OpenIP's training body is referenced in DataDock, which means that OpenIP training courses can be incorporated into the reference catalogue of professional training financing organisations and therefore receive joint or public financing.






OpenIP organises webinar series on a regular basis to present our offers and solutions to our partners and offer relevant training.


These webinars usually last an hour and participants can interact at any moment to ask questions or share comments.


Webinars can be organised only by OpenIP or together with manufacturers, equipment suppliers or vendors in order to present the full range of offers, as well as all the services and products compatible with the former.


These webinars focus on various topics and are continuously updated:

  • Voice over IP/Unified Communications: sales good practices, key elements of a successful project, technical presentation, etc.
  • xDSL and Fibre Internet Access: the market and available offers, technical recommendations for a Data project, etc.
  • Partner manufacturer webinars: presentation of IP extensions, IPBX and certified equipment, technical framework, etc.
  • Market opportunities: the White Label Operator model, the end of PSTN, etc.


The list of upcoming OpenIP webinars can be found here


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