SIP Trunk Touch

Make unlimited calls with the OpenIP SIP Trunk offer

SIP Trunk Touch: the easiest way to respond to the challenges linked to the end of PSTN

As Orange has announced the end of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), businesses must prepare to switch their telephone installations to Voice over IP and IP Telephony.

SIP Trunk is the preferred solution for replacing analogue and digital lines by allowing integrators to migrate their business customers towards Voice over IP by limiting changes to existing installations.

A leading provider of SIP Trunking solutions in France, OpenIP offers the opportunity to migrate towards professional Voice over IP services certified by most manufacturers and ensuring access to highly attractive communication rates.


After more than 10 years of experience in VoIP, OpenIP is launching the SIP Trunk Touch, a unique solution that combines simplified settings and the latest anti-piracy security features. IP telephony has never been so simple!


How does it work?


SIP Trunk offers, launched in 2006, make it possible to use Internet access to make calls (VoIP).

OpenIP SIP Trunk deployment overview



Key Benefits

  • High availability of the Voice service with automatic redirecting of incoming calls in the event of a local technical failure
  • Protection against the latest piracy tactics
  • Fingertip control with simplified set up from MyOpenIP
  • Limited impact on existing installations
  • Substantial savings on communications costs and introduction of unlimited call packages
  • Abolition of traditional telephone subscriptions
  • Combining of Data and Voice needs
  • Advanced management of numbering resources, with portability or allocation of numbers
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations (emergency numbers, requests, directories, etc.)

Unique management tools for an enhanced experience


Through its SIP Trunk Touch solution, OpenIP offers integrators tools and services that make it easier to assess and manage incidents:

  • Autonomous management of service continuity mechanisms (automatic conditional call forwarding)
  • Secure outgoing call flows and anti-piracy protection mechanism
  • Configuration of SIP Trunk from MyOpenIP (CODEC, number format, emergency number management, filtering of incoming calls, restriction of outgoing calls, etc.)


MyOpenIP management tools



The OpenIP SIP Trunk Touch: A product certified with all manufacturers


To provide the highest possible quality of service, OpenIP has introduced a certification policy that guarantees interoperability with the main IPBX publishers.

These certifications guarantee businesses a smooth setup, unrestricted services and access to highly competitive unlimited communications rates.

By continuously upgrading its certifications, OpenIP helps private integrators and installers offer their business customers a top-of-the-range service.


Certified Manufacturers


OpenIP Certified Manufacturers



Available Packages


OpenIP offers 2 packages to distribute its SIP Trunk Touch solution to your customers:

  • Multi-channel SIP Trunking with unlimited calls or metered prices, for sales tailored to the SME market. This package is available in distribution mode or as a white label solution.
  • A dedicated server to develop a Voice over IP business in specific architectures. This package is reserved for operator profiles.


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