OpenIP Operator Programme

Our Operator Programme

OpenIP's Operator programme makes it possible for integrators to have a Telecoms and Cloud infrastructure that lets them build their own packages and solutions for the business market.

As such, OpenIP's partner Operators can create their own offers based on an infrastructure connected to the main operators and manage their own margins themselves. They also receive support from OpenIP: technical training, marketing assistance and technical support

They have access to all the necessary data (Research Data Centre) to manage billing and customer relationships on their own all the while using OpenIP's comprehensive activation and monitoring tools.

Depending on their core business and strategy, they can choose to be a Voice, Data and/or Cloud operator. They can also choose a hybrid model that allows them to act as operator for certain services and as MSP or Reseller for others. For example, they can virtualise their customers' IPBX systems and bill Internet links as a white label solution while choosing to be a reseller for "Voice operator" aspects.



  • Enjoy a white label comprehensive Operator infrastructure connected to the main operators (Trunk server, Cloud, etc.)
  • Bundle your offers yourself and set your own margins
  • Provide billing services for your business customers
  • Access comprehensive activation and monitoring tools
  • Obtain all of OpenIP's technical certifications (SIP Trunk, Cloud, etc.)
  • Attend technical training courses
  • Enjoy ready-to-use marketing tools
  • Receive support from experts in VoIP and Unified Communications solutions


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