The MyOpenIP platform

MyOpenIP, the Telecoms, IT & Cloud services platform for integrators and their customers



OpenIP offers its partners an e-commerce platform that can be used to sell a wide range of Telecoms, IT & Cloud services. With MyOpenIP, businesses and their integrators have access to a tool that allows them to manage online the services they wish to sign up for, track their orders, set up and monitor their services and enjoy detailed online billing as well as a tool to analyse their usage statistics, the quality of their services and their usage.

In the spirit of a collaborative platform, MyOpenIP makes it possible to distribute services of various types of providers (Unified Communications operators, publishers of application solutions, IT & Telecoms manufacturers) with a portfolio of offers designed to meet the Telecoms, IT & Cloud needs of businesses in a flexible but organised manner.


MyOpenIP collaborative platform

This platforms gives our partners the flexibility to choose, client by client, between the distribution mode (OpenIP invoice) or as a white label solution (Integrator invoice). They enjoy secured access to our tools and infrastructures, giving them the autonomy to manager their own customers. 


As part of white label distribution, our partners have access to a platform that can be customised to fit their brand. Among others, they can create their own sales offer and add the services they produce themselves.



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