OpenIP Unified Communications Solution - MetaCentrex

Discover MetaCentrex, the Unified Communications solution for businesses from €18.90 ex. VAT/month/user, with unlimited calls to landlines, mobiles and 100 destinations


MetaCentrex is the Unified Communications solution from OpenIP. It brings together all landline and mobile means of communications used by businesses.

Businesses can also manage all their services very flexibly by easily adding new users, new sites and new functionalities.


The MetaCentrex solution offers users a wide range of services: softphones (for smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac), a phonebook and unique numbers, switching from landline to mobile during a call, a single call and message log, video conferencing, click2call, information on incoming calls, CRM synchronisation, screen sharing and more. Users can launch a video conference with two, three or more people in just a few clicks from their PC or mobile phone, regardless of their location.


The solution also provides each business with telephone management features: integrated IVR, switchboard application, call management settings based on a calendar, multi-site management, call supervision graphics and the ability to record all calls.


The business package is fully bundled and allows each user to benefit from all the Unified Communications features as well as unlimited calls to landlines, mobiles and international destinations for only €18.90 ex. VAT/month/user.



Benefits for users


In the office

  • Synchronise all contacts in a single phonebook
  • Make calls from the taskbar of a computer, Outlook, IP extension or mobile phone.
  • Set a dynamic or user-defined availability status: available, busy, in a meeting, etc.

On the way to a meeting

  • Switch a call with no interruption from a landline to a mobile phone as you leave the office
  • Receive landline calls on mobiles

At home or on the road

  • Connect your usual IP phone to an Internet Box to be online like at work
  • Manage calls from the Softphone on PC/Mac or on a smartphone with only a Wi-Fi connection
  • Use your home phone while displaying the MetaCentrex number, without paying for personal use

In a hotel or abroad

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi to make and receive calls for free
  • Use the hotel room telephone free of charge while displaying your unique number


MetaCentrex - Mobile application


Benefits for businesses


Reduced costs

  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France + 100 destinations
  • Reduced mobile roaming costs thanks to the ability to make calls using any Wi-Fi connection
  • No need for frequent hardware replacement: major updates to the solution are included
  • Reduced internal movements

Communication and training

  • Personalisation of the company's welcome message
  • Adjustment of the telephone response to suit opening hours or public holidays.
  • Promotional message playback during hold music
  • Recording and retrieval of all calls

Management of numerous incoming calls

  • Interactive Voice Server (press 1 for customer service, 2 for sales, etc.)
  • Incoming calls held in a queue
  • Call grouping and overflow to a number of your choice
  • Call forwarding can be configured in one click from a mobile or PC
  • Option to make several landline or mobile numbers ring one after another until the call is answered


  • Quickly add new users and new sites
  • Set up advanced call scenarios in a few clicks: IVR, external groups, pre-answer, differentiated response based on times, etc.
  • Multi-site configuration management

100% Guaranteed

  • Hosting in a highly secure data centre
  • Internet connections designed for voice use with recovery time guarantee
  • Certified IP extensions and accessories
  • OpIOS single-band or dual-band router
  • Installation carried out by a local OpenIP partner
  • Expert corporate customer support


CommPortal Assistant

The main features of MetaCentrex


No. 1 - Mobility

With Unified Communications, users benefit from a set of downloadable applications (iPhone, iPad, Android) that allow the use of the company's services from different personal devices (PC, phone, mobile, tablet). Users are therefore more independent and mobile, while benefiting from perfectly synchronised multimedia tools on their various devices.


No. 2 - Unique multi-device number

This approach is centred on users and their various means of communication (landline, mobile, softphone); single number management allows them to be contacted on one number only. Most of the time, this solution allows users to simply switch from one phone to another during the same conversation.


No. 3 - Video conferencing

Accession Meeting allows each user to hold a video conference in just a few clicks from a mobile or PC. It's so easy to use that videos become addictive. Accession Meeting includes a range of collaborative features that make remote meetings as effective as face-to-face meetings, but much more fun: screen sharing, recording your meetings, annotation on the split screen, remote control by any participant, instant messaging.

Each user can have as many meetings as they want, whether scheduled in advance, ad hoc, regular, or as needed. Four internal and external participants can connect to these meetings. The conference version of Accession Meeting can accommodate up to 100 participants.

Meetings can be initiated from a softphone, PC or mobile, or even Outlook.


No. 4 - Intelligent routing of incoming calls

The call management tool allows users to choose how incoming calls are routed based on availability. Calls are redirected based on different user availability options (working hours, appointments, on the phone, in a meeting, etc.). Users can choose to route calls to their voicemail or another number of their choice.


No. 5 - Availability management

Availability management allows users to inform colleagues of their status and therefore of their availability (busy, in a meeting, on the phone, available in chat, etc.). Availability management integrates with the user's calendar indicating when he or she is in a meeting.


No. 6 - Instant messaging (Company chat)

Business users can use messaging as a new means of communication. Instant messaging allows to communicate with a person or a group of people from their various devices (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone).


No. 7 - Consolidated messaging

Consolidated messaging allows users to benefit from a visual messaging system that includes all messages related to their unique number. Users can read their messages on all their devices. The VoicetoMail or FaxtoMail features also allow users to access their voice messages and faxes from their email.


No. 8 - Consolidated phonebook

The consolidated phonebook allows users to access their contact list from all their devices (landline, mobile and PC). Adding a contact to the consolidated phonebook is done via Outlook (automatic synchronisation) or in the consolidated phonebook itself. In both cases, the change is reflected immediately on all the user's communication tools.


No. 9 - Integration with the company's professional software

Unified Communications software applications have plug-ins to interface with a variety of professional software applications. Users can therefore benefit from an enhanced tool. Incoming call alerts inform you of the caller's identity and retrieve relevant information about the caller from the company software (name, company), including information to better classify the call (debt, sales, support ticket). Users can choose to open the CRM customer file or forward the call to another user or to messaging. Integration with business software usually allows for calls to be made from the business software itself or more generally from all computer applications (ClicktoCall).


No. 10 - Incoming calls response and waiting

The IVR (Interactive Voice Server) option enables greeting callers with a welcome message and adapt this message to suit opening and closing hours. With this option, the administrator can set options in the phone answering service to direct calls to the right people: press one for the sales department, press two for the technical department, etc. The administrator can create a queue for incoming calls with the Supervisor option. The number of calls on hold, the waiting time, the music played and the deterrent message can all be customised. Calls waiting in the queue do not exceed the number of simultaneous calls the company receives. For example, a company with 10 users can receive 20 calls at the same time. A user can have 20 calls in progress and about ten people on hold using the Supervisor option. This makes it possible to effectively manage occasional congestion of incoming calls.


No. 11 - Managing a team of call centre advisors

Team managers have access to features that help them manage their teleworkers. Using the supervisor option, managers can discreetly listen to a supervised advisor and talk to them without the caller hearing them or having to participate in the conversation. Call centre advisors are given time to update the CRM after each call. This time can be set by the manager and plays an important role in ensuring that calls are handled efficiently. Lastly, managers have access to a wide range of statistics to assess advisor performance.


No. 12 - Call recording

MetaCentrex's RecCall option allows the company to record all or some of its calls. The data collected is stored in France in two Parisian data centres. In accordance with GDPR regulations, the RecCall option includes a display and call search panel for each user but also generally for the team manager or site administrator.

In addition to managing conversation recordings, the administrator can view all user actions such as deleting or listening. The company can choose to record some or all of its employees, with a call storage period of 3 to 6 months.

This option is ideally suited to the needs of banks, insurance companies, ambulances or the legal profession.  


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  • Cancellation of France Telecom contracts, replaced by IP connections
  • Portability of your telephone numbers
  • Assignment of geographical, non-geographical or 0800 numbers
  • Registration in Yellow Pages directories
  • Emergency number management
  • A Recovery Time Guarantee (RTG)
  • Creation of a back-up connection
  • Technical support based in France, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm



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