IPBX systems compatible with our SIP Trunk offer


As a leading provider of SIP Trunking solutions in France, OpenIP guarantees that its Voice over IP solutions for businesses are compatible with many IPBX providers.

Thanks to these many certified manufacturers, OpenIP can promise businesses that their hardware will be perfectly interoperable with their Voice over IP solutions, whether in terms of the quality of communications or the maintenance of features (transfers, call forwarding, etc.).


Discover all of OpenIP's technical partners for IPBX systems:


Logo Alcatel



  • Alcatel Lucent


A provider of leading communications solutions and services
for businesses, from desktop to cloud, sold
under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand.

Website: https://www.al-enterprise.com/en


Logo Mitel



  • Mitel


After a few years of activity in France, it was in 2003
that Mitel became a major player by deploying the Auchan network
across close to 220 sites and 40,000 IP extensions. At the time, it was the
largest IP telephony network in Europe ever created.

Website: https://www.mitel.com/en-gb


Logo Unify



  • Unify


Secure and scalable Unified Communications solutions for businesses, provided by Unify.

Website: http://www.unify.com/en/

Logo Gigaset pro



  • Gigaset pro


Scalable and feature-rich communications systems
ready for businesses.

Website: http://www.gigasetpro.com/en/systems/


Logo 3CX


  • 3CX


3CX is an open standard IPBX software that offers
ready-to-use Unified Communications features.

Website: http://www.3cx.com/


Logo Wildix



  • Wildix


Wildix is a multinational company that operates in the
telecommunications sector and is specialised in Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions
and Unified Communications solutions.
Wildix is active on the Italian, French and German markets.

Website: http://www.wildix.com/


Logo Panasonic



  • Panasonic


Today, Panasonic France offers a very wide
range of professional products, from industrial solutions
to solar panels and cameras to IT &
Telecoms solutions.

Website: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/communication-solutions/products-and-accessories/pbxsip-panasonic-communication-solutions


Logo Innovaphone



  • Innovaphone


Innovaphone is a German manufacturer of
pure IP non-proprietary communications solutions since 1997.

Website: https://www.innovaphone.com/en/


Logo Swyx



  • Swyx


SwyxWare is an integrated communications solution based
on an IP software specifically tailored to the needs of
medium-sized enterprises (from 10 to 500 extensions).

Website: https://www.swyx.com/


Logo ShoreTel



  • ShoreTel


ShoreTel is a vendor of Unified Communications solutions
that are stunning in their simplicity and based on an award-winning IP telephony system.

Website: https://www.mitel.com/articles/what-happened-shoretel-products


Logo Cisco



  • Cisco


Global value chains, mobile staff, social media,
ever-present video and information overload: this is the new normal. In order to meet these new demands,
Cisco's Unified Communications bring together people, information and
teams to create new collaborative experiences
that are both comprehensive and efficient.

Website: https://www.cisco.com/c/en_uk/index.html/

Logo XiVO



  • XiVO


XiVO is a French open source telephone solution. Today, XiVO is the most popular open source ToIP solution used in France. Born from unparalleled expertise in business telephony, Unified Communications and contact centres.


Website: https://www.xivo.solutions


Logo Asterisk



  • Asterisk


Asterisk is an open source and proprietary PABX solution for GNU/Linux systems. Among others, it offers voice messaging, call waiting, call agents, hold music, incoming
calls parking and call distribution.

Website: http://www.asterisk.org/


Logo Avaya



  • Avaya


A world leader in corporate communications systems
that designs and implements solutions for Unified
Communications, call centres, data and associated services, for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Website: http://www.avaya.com/en/


Logo Epygi



  • Epygi


Epygi Technologies Ltd is an American company founded in 2000.

In just a few years, it became an international supplier of
award-winning PBX systems and IP gateways for SMEs.

Website: http://epygi.co.uk


Logo Nec



  • Nec


Hybrid IP PBX, small and medium capacity up to 512 extensions.

Website: http://www.nec.com/


Logo Tiptel



  • Tiptel


The Tiptel 8000 Business is an IPBX solution that can manage up to 240 extensions,
half of which as part of either an analogue or digital telephone system.

Website: https://www.tiptel.fr/?language=EN

Logo Damalisk

  • Damalisk


Damalisk manufactures Telephone Switchboards for VSEs, SMEs, micro-enterprises and enterprises with up to 16 extensions.

Website: http://www.damalisk.com

Logo Scopserv



  • Scopserv


Scopserv International Inc. is the creator of ScopTEL IP PBX, the best solution for your corporate communications.

Site web : https://www.scopserv.com


Logo Starface


  • Starface


Starface offers VoIP solutions that can be incorporated into your company's IT and Telecoms infrastructure. 

Website: http://www.starface.com/en/


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