Voice over IP Gateways


Voice over IP gateways connect a conventional telephone switchboard to VoIP Internet access and a VoIP provider. Gateways are a simple solution to prepare for the end of the classic telephone network scheduled for 2020 and to immediately enjoy the reduced costs of VoIP without the need to replace any equipment.

As a leading provider of Voice over IP solutions for businesses, OpenIP has developed technological partnerships with the main VoIP gateway manufacturers.

These partnerships with VoIP manufacturers and vendors, who are specialists in their field, guarantee that businesses receive a top-quality service.


Discover OpenIP's technical partners:


Logo AudioCodes



  • AudioCodes


AudioCodes is a company founded in 1993 that designs, manufactures and sells Voice over IP and Data hardware and software for operators and businesses.



Logo beroNet



  • beroNet


beroNet GmbH is a company based in Berlin, founded in 2002. A market leader in ISDN and VoIP access connections, beroNet is the only provider in the world of VoIP gateways and appliances that can be managed remotely via Cloud.



Logo Patton



  • Patton


Patton Electronics is a leading provider of VoIP and IP telephony network access, connectivity and hardware solutions for businesses and operators.



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