ExpertZEN Programme

Why take part in the ExpertZEN programme?


On one hand, businesses will be forced to switch to alternative solutions once Orange does away with PSTN, as announced. In this context, they expect local support that will ensure a smooth transition towards their new IP communications solutions.

With the ExpertZEN network, OpenIP guarantees all customers that they will receive this support when starting out and during the operational phase. ExpertZEN services also help set a quality standard for commissioning services that must be respected by all OpenIP partners.

On the other hand, many integrators from the IT market wish to distribute Voice over IP and Unified Communications offers. These players have the technical skills required but little experience in the specifics of telephony and its integration into a company's LAN. With ExpertZEN, OpenIP gives them access to certified support with their first ventures so that they can quickly become autonomous and turn their communications solutions into a true vehicle for growth. The ExpertZEN programme also helps OpenIP partners guarantee local support for customers located outside their geographic area of response.

That is why OpenIP has launched its ExpertZEN programme: a unique ecosystem guaranteeing high-level technical support while offers are being set up or used


This network of Experts has several goals:

  • Support OpenIP's new partners with their first ventures
  • Offer their services in cases requiring advanced technical expertise
  • Provide assistance at the customer's premises while working closely with OpenIP's technical support team, in the event of a major and complex incident.


The ExpertZEN programme helps OpenIP partners quickly become autonomous with regard to high-added-value solutions by assisting them with their first ventures and offering local support to their customers, even if they are located in geographically remote areas.


Lastly, ExpertZEN partners receive regular and considerable volumes of new business, without any sales efforts.


Which offers include ExpertZEN support?


OpenIP offers its partners ExpertZEN support when they first set up SIP Trunk and as part of MetaCentrex and MyCloud3CX solutions.


This support helps OpenIP's new partners develop their expertise while benefiting from ExpertZEN's technical knowledge; subsequently, they receive local support in the event of complex incidents requiring on-site intervention.


How to become ExpertZEN?


Certification criteria for the ExpertZEN programme are as follows:

  • Be an active partner of OpenIP
  • Have the SIP Trunk, MyCloud3CX and/or MetaCentrex technical qualifications.
  • Have had completed several SIP Trunk, MyCloud3CX and/or MetaCentrex installations.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the ExpertZEN Charter of Quality


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