Events & Communication



OpenIP organises several events to give its partners the possibility to receive training on its services, including:

  • Training Days: Sales and technical training to ensure that our partners are up and running within a day
  • Tour de France: Several training dates throughout the entire country so that we can meet our partners


The purpose of these events is to provide our partners and prospects with free training on our products and services to put them on a professional footing and make them suitable for sale.

They are usually organised together with vendors, equipment suppliers or manufacturers to present the full range of offers, as well as all the services and products compatible with the former.


Always keen to meet with partners and prospects, OpenIP also takes part in various events in the field of IT & Telecoms, such as IT Partners, the leading event in IT, Telecoms & Audiovisual solutions. 



OpenIP regularly interacts with its partners, notably through a weekly newsletter containing ample information on:

  • Packages
  • Services
  • Special offers
  • Certifications
  • Webinars
  • Training sessions
  • Events


It also provides lots of practical information: the end of the PSTN, OpenIP Wiki, operations, deployments, order tracking, and much more.

The newsletter is our preferred means of staying in touch with our partners to ensure fruitful cooperation.


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