Digitalised Customer Experience

With MyOpenIP, enjoy a stronger relationship with your customers


MyOpenIP gives you much more than an e-commerce platform, particularly thanks to a unique digital pathway that helps users be more visible and more independent day to day.


MyOpenIP makes it possible to choose an offer, receive a quote and approve it by placing the order online, but also track the order, monitor services and view invoices and usage statistics.


MyOpenIP customer experience



The MyOpenIP platform offers the opportunity to have a unique portfolio of Telecoms, IT & Cloud services designed to meet the needs of businesses and their users. Services include solutions for fixed and mobile telephony, Unified Communications, high-speed Internet access and desktop applications.


MyOpenIP makes it possible to simply choose an offer in the e-shop, receive a quote and approve it by placing the order online.



Much more than a simple Telecoms, IT & Cloud e-shop, the MyOpenIP platform allows users to track their order, customise their service and monitor their usages and quality.


  • Detailed step-by-step tracking of your orders to simplify the overall coordination of your projects
  • Simplified access to settings & configuration information for services
  • Service monitoring with detailed access to usage statistics and quality assessment
  • Efficient protection of your telephone installations, including configuration of call and quota authorisations for each destination
  • A tool intended for incident monitoring and interactions with support teams
  • On-site support from ExpertsZEN, our network of local support teams, to assist with your installations



The MyOpenIP platform helps you manage all the key steps of your activities: sales, deployment, support and, of course, finances. The platform generates invoices for all your services that customers have signed up to in your e-shop.


  • A ready-to-use interface for your customers with access to their invoices and services
  • A tool for analysing your usages and consumptions, but also tools for assessing the quality of the services purchased and monitoring SLAs


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