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Centile and OpenIP IstraCloud Unified Communications Solutions

Centile IstraCloud, your dedicated Unified Communications platform


Centile's Istra Unified Communications platform provides mobile and landline operators, integrators and service providers with the tools they need to quickly grow, deploy and monetise new innovative and attractive services over existing networks. Whether you are a Mobile Operator or a Landline Operator, Centile has a solution to suit your needs.

Centile's Any3 architecture—any service, on any network, on any device—is designed to meet the needs of operators and companies seeking to offer advanced business communications services to landline and mobile users, regardless of the device used or the network to which they are connected.

As the fixed-mobile communication market is constantly evolving, Centile's Istra solutions provide operators with the versatility and flexibility to quickly offer innovative new services without significant investment in infrastructure.


The open and decentralised architecture of the Istra platform makes it possible to fill gaps, bridge technologies, and synchronise different platforms, so that end users can focus on the call, not the technology. Whether at the office, on the road, at a conference or working from home, it's easy to switch seamlessly from one device to another.


IstraCloud Convergence Features


Main features


Simplified user experience:




Mobis is a native Mobile application connected to the ISTRA platform. Intuitive and easy to use, Mobis is revolutionising the way users manage their business communications. It allows them to benefit from innovative cloud communications services from their smartphones (Android and iOS).


My Istra


myIstra is accessible from all types of devices (PC, tablet, iOS & Android smartphones, etc.) and allows users to quickly and easily access all their features such as rule management (groups, forwarding and services), directory, unified messaging and availability.


Istra Collab


Istra Collab is a professional videoconferencing and collaborative work solution that allows business users to organise remote video meetings with screen sharing, regardless of the location and device used (PC, Phone, iOS and Android smartphones)


Istra CRM


Istra CRM allows telephony to be integrated into existing CRM platforms (Salesforce, Sage, etc.). The user can then make a one-click call and have a customer file displayed on incoming calls in order to increase productivity.



Easy service management:




myTelephony is a simplified management portal that allows operators to be more efficient in managing their customer base and business administrators to configure and manage their users independently (extension and terminal management, line number assignments, group management, site management, call rule management, and personalisation of greetings and other waiting music).




myRecordings is an easy to use web interface that allows for the comprehensive management of call recordings (listening, searching, sharing, downloading in standard formats such as mp3, ogg, and au.



Key Benefits

  • Tried and tested scalable platform
  • Wide range of features
  • APIs allowing third-party developments and integration with external components (invoicing system, CRM, etc.)
  • Quick and easy implementation and management
  • Ergonomic administration interfaces designed for multi-level channels
  • Multi-level, open and decentralised architecture based on standard market protocols
  • Customised web management portal for end users, including availability and instant messaging
  • Support for a wide range of certified SIP devices
  • Flexible business model allowing operators to enter and explore new markets with minimal risk


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