The application for Service Operators

MyOpenIP, a single platform to manage your MSP activities


MyOpenIP meets the needs of MSPs—providers of Telecoms, IT & Cloud services—that require a tool that will help them develop, sell, deploy, support and invoice their services, throughout their customers' entire consumption period.

The MSP approach is therefore a way to generate recurring revenue through a portfolio of offers based on subscription services, but also metered billing, such as fixed and mobile telephony.


The MyOpenIP app helps you develop your MSP activity independently and manage it efficiently. The app is fully customisable and allows MSPs to set their own portfolio of offers by combining its services with Telecoms, IT & Cloud offers. This means that MSPs can have their own e-shop and only display offers included in their catalogues.

Bundle services and offers with MyOpenIP


Deployment processes are fully customisable and give end customers good visibility at every stage of setting up their services and the use of these over time (monitoring, support, billing).




One goal: to make your life easier!

In the morning, you begin your working day—which involves more than just selling Telecoms, IT & Cloud services. Your customers are free to sign up to new services through your personalised e-shop.


MyOpenIP assistant provides you with the necessary information to develop your business: a client to renew, a quote to approve, an installation to finalise, etc.


You have full visibility of all the services used by your customers, which makes you much more efficient in the event of an incident. MyOpenIP helps you anticipate certain failures thanks to your monitoring tools. Your customers receive a clear invoice in your name for all the services you provide.


MyOpenIP makes your business more efficient and helps you increase customer loyalty and develop recurring business with a high profit margin.


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